Dealer Meetings

When it comes to dealer meetings. we follow our slogan: "Our difference is hidden in the details." We take care of all the details and take advantage of our extensive experience to offer you a full solution partnership

Services Offered

  • Offering alternative hotel and event venues in different provinces and regions
  • Presenting a comparative cost analysis
  • Calculating per-person costs
  • Researching ideal dates and venues
  • Theme, decor, sound, lighting and printed material recommendations based on information given about the meeting
  • Creating a website exclusively for your meetings, where attendees can obtain plane tickets, transfer information and make reservations.
  • Sending notification messages to dealers
  • RSVP services and sending invitations to dealers via fax, e-mail and/or telephone
  • Creating and following up on a check list for the event
  • Managing dealer meetings
  • Executing preparations
  • Setting up pre-approved decor and technical elements at the venue
  • Creating a suitable team and carrying out the event
  • Effective reporting with the Dealer Meeting Reporting System
  • Holding participant satisfaction surveys via the website and reporting the results